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Ary 🍈

18 ☉♐︎ ☾♍︎ ↟♒︎
they/she sapphic
west asian (iraqi)

byf i deactivate and become IA a lot,i just be tweeting, i’m a marxist, idc who you stan if u hold ur faves accountable, i don’t have a specific dfi just don’t be annoying. i’m 10 times more active on priv


@ ParkSooyoung
@ LeeJuyeon

others cha eunwoo, bts, xue bayi, wjsn, svt, day6

western kali uchi, tinashe, iyla, frank ocean, zayn, rina sawayama


<33 studio ghibli. cats. joy. caraves. zai. kdramas. anime. manga. art. webtoons. mesopotamian history. books

<//3 tight places, ignorance, rude people, edginess, fancams, gg stans who make that their entire personality.


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